Charging Up!

2012-05-27 23:23:20 by RoHiSakkStereo

Well, now Newgrounds show all my music, so, If you're here, why not to listen to it? =D

I can assure to you one thing: Your ears will be safe so, please enjoy my 8-Bits works!

Welcome to my Place!

2012-04-15 16:48:47 by RoHiSakkStereo

Hi everyone! I just opened my new Newgrounds site!

I'll put all my 8-bits songs here. Now I have uploaded like 5 tunes, but Newgrounds and his time of song approval takes a lot and maybe not all are available to listen -.-

I think I just have to be patient jeje. Enjoy some of my work in the meanwhile. Will be more and more soon!